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Vaccine Passports in Montana: House Bill 702 and 703

Growing concern over vaccine passports have prompted local legislators to draft bill HB702 and 703 to protect the rights of Montanans against vaccine requirements at jobs or to enter certain public spaces and government facilities.

“You should never be discriminated against because you opt out of a vaccine,” said State Rep. Jennifer Carlson (R-Manhattan). “I encourage you to respect the rights of those who wish to opt out. Please vote with me for individual body autonomy, the original private property right.”

The Helena Independent Record has given a great rundown of what’s happening with the bill and who the players are on both sides:

“Opponents to the bill included nearly a dozen organizations representing hospitals, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, child care professionals and other health care providers who argued the measures would allow people who refuse vaccines based on misinformation to endanger vulnerable populations who can’t get vaccinated.”

While it may seem like common sense to many of our readers that requiring vaccine passports to enter public and private spaces is an infringement on our rights, the narrative being told from the other side has powerful appeal. Not too long ago vaccine passports were a fanciful idea thought up by only the most paranoid conspiracy theorists. Today they may become a reality. You may also think that something like this could never happen in Montana, but unless We The People stand up and make our voices heard, this dystopian fantasy could come to life even in our great state.

One quick and easy way to make your voice heard is to contact legislators through the state’s online portal:

You can select via drop down menu which specific legislators you wish to contact. 

A list of senators who may be opposing the bill was circulated by e-mail from and includes the following senators:

  • Bruce (Butch) Gillespie
  • Steve Fitzpatrick
  • Brian Hoven 
  • Russel E Tempel
  • Duane Ankney
  • John Esp
  • Walt Sales
  • Jeffrey Welborn
  • Terry Gauthier
  • Daniel Salomon

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