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Montana HB702 and 703 Advances in the Senate

Crowds gather in support of HB702 and HB703 Thursday afternoon.

HB702 and 703, bills prohibiting vaccine passports from being required by employers or institutions which provide services to the public, has advanced in the state Senate. It was endorsed 31-19 along party lines with most Republicans voting green.

Watch as the crowd gathered to support HB702 and 703 errupts into applause as the bill advances in the Senate Thursday afternoon.

“This is just the beginning of the invasion of our privacy and our fundamental constitutional rights.”
Senator McGillvray, R-Billings

The bill was amended to exclude schools and day-care center which will still be able to require vaccinations for students. Opponents of the bill have brought up concerns that not allowing nursing homes and assisted care facilities to require vaccinations may put them at odds with federal regulations which could effect their funding.

The bill will now be called to a final vote on the Senate floor Friday afternoon before it is passed along to the House and Governor.

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