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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Harassed in Livingston, Montana Fly Fishing Shop

Tucker Carlson was having a quiet weekend with his family enjoying some fishing in Livingston, Montana when he was approached by a man named Dan Bailey, who accosted him in front of his children. Baily appears to have his wife video him (she was tagged in his post) as he confronted Carlson, aggressively standing in his path. Carlson warns him that his daughter is present, to which Bailey replies, “I don’t care. Dude, you are the worst human being known to mankind.”

Tucker laughed off the encounter and attempted to end the interaction as the man appeared to follow Carlson around the store and intimidate him. The video cuts off and it is unknown how the encounter ended.

Who is Dan Bailey?

According to his social media profiles Bailey currently works as the Yellowstone Program Manager for the National Parks Conservation Association, a Washington, D.C. based lobbyist organization.

His interesting and sparse job history has sparked many online to wonder if he is involved in some sort of CIA government work, allegations that follow a recent admission by another three-letter agency, the NSA, who earlier this week confirmed they “unmasked” Carlson’s communications. Though it isn’t listed on his LinkedIn profile, Bailey does appear to have worked for The Asia Foundation, according to his profile on The Taimen Fund’s website. The Asia Foundation is a proprietary of the Central Intelligence Agency, according to Wikipedia.

He also appears to be a fan of podcasts with extremely dark themes, oddly tagging “The Last Podcast on the Left” on his original Instagram post and “liking” the podcast “Sick and Wrong” on Facebook. Both podcasts explore themes of murder, death, and pornography.

Though it may be a stretch to assume he was working in some sort of official CIA capacity when he confronted Carlson, an interaction which has somewhat inexplicably gone viral, some Conservative commentators on Twitter are alleging that the White House may have had a hand in plotting the encounter.

Whether or not this proves to be true, the viral nature of the encounter sends a clear message to Tucker Carlson fans everywhere, even in Montana: fringe leftists have it out for you. Tucker, who was profiled by Forbes last year as having the highest-rated program in cable-news history, has been winning over the hearts and souls of Conservatives over the years as he addresses topics that no other journalist will touch, at the same time advocating for family and Conservative values and calling out the left for their pseudo-religious, dogmatic approach to politics.

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