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Demonstrators Gathered at Courthouse to Protest Local Mask Mandates and Nursing Home Lockdowns

Dozens of protesters, ranging in ages from seniors to children, gathered in front of the Kalispell courthouse Friday afternoon to protest more elder home lockdowns and mask mandates for school children. The mood around the nicely shaded, historic courthouse was upbeat and positive, with plenty of smiles and enthusiastic greetings.

There were a wide variety of signs represented that spoke about freeing seniors from lockdowns in nursing home facilities, masks, mandatory vaccines, and questions concerning the accuracy of information that is being reported in the media.

Doug Smith, who, along with his wife, Carol, are taking care of his own elderly mother in his home, expressed frustration with the idea of more lockdowns for seniors residing in care facilities.

“If [my mother] had to go there I’d be really aggrieved because I wouldn’t be able to go see her,” he said. Smith also expressed frustration with the mainstream media and their inability to get accurate information to the public, stating he relies on alternative media for his information.

“Only alternative media is actually stating most of the information that’s accurate,” he said.

Protestors gather in front of the Kalispell Courthouse Friday afternoon.

Other protesters shared his distrust for mainstream media and their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s very biased,” said Scotia Brosnan. “They tell us to trust the science, but you’re not allowed to question anything.”

“There are actual immunologists, virologists, doctors, scientists that are exposing the fraud in what’s going on with vaccinations and with the harm in wearing masks,” she said.

“My passion is Liberty,” said Brosnan. “If people are okay with wearing a mask go ahead. It’s cruelty to make children wear them.”

There was endless support for the protest as cars driving by expressed their solidarity with demonstrators through a cacophony of horns and cheers. The biggest cheers occurred with waves from Kalispell police and a trucker who honked in support.

Organizers of Friday’s protest event expressed joy that, for once in downtown Kalispell, they weren’t met with any counter protests or angry opposition hurling obscenities or flipping them off.

Organizers say they plan to gather every Friday until further notice to protest any additional lockdown measures in the Flathead Valley.

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