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Parents, Kids Show Up at Whitefish City Hall to “Unmask Our Kids”

Parents, kids, and concerned citizens gathered at all four corners around Whitefish City Hall Wednesday evening to protest the school board’s decision to mandate masks for students. The protest comes after the school board voted to increase restrictions on students to include requiring masks for both vaccinated and unvaccinated students.

The decision by the school board was made last week despite a survey which showed a majority of parents wanted to keep masks optional, as well as many parents showing up at recent school board meetings to testify for an end to mask mandates.

One parent, Jessica Kirkendall, a medical researcher and advocate for children’s health, wants to remind the school board that “Zero children have died from COVID in Montana.”

“Lots of families came out to protest for the first time as they have had enough of the nonsense being pushed onto innocent, no risk children,” she said.

Many parents at the protest plan to stay actively engaged. The topic of masking children and looming discussions about vaccine mandates have parents interested in running for school boards and city councils to protect their children against what they see as tyrannical and borderline abusive measures by local municipalities and health authorities.

“We all know what is coming next month… the experimental vaccine becoming widely promoted, bribed, and coerced onto very young children and parents,” said Kirkendall.

View images from the demonstration below:

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