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Letter to the Editor 8/19: The Ruling Class is Trying to Divide Us

I have a lot of things to say that a lot of people aren’t going to like. The coronavirus-19 was never truly isolated and the entire PCR testing system is bad science that we shouldn’t “trust.” It doesn’t measure any quantity of viral load and is based off of a non-isolated computer-generated covid19 template. Did you notice the CDC change the cycles on a PCR test after the election? Does anyone know where we gave the CDC the dictate to effectively end private property rights?

The ruling class is dividing and conquering the people with fear, misinformation and controlled opposition. Fear is scientifically bad for our immune system. The virus was made in a lab, it was taught to the Chinese by us. Nixon opened the gate to China.

All totalitarian mandates around unproven gene-therapy are useful idiocy representing an authoritarian, divide and conquer agenda. These people who trust the mainstream unknowingly trust their health with corrupt pharmaceutical companies. Notice “Delta” marketing and a booster shot? It never ends complying with bullies. The new normal is panic groupthink attacking our very constitutional Republic. The gene-therapy is called a vaccine for legal immunities provided in the law, signed by Reagan. Dark irony is, if the vaccine kills you it isn’t covered by insurance! The cloth mask doesn’t work and all traditional anti-viral medications were dismissed on a societal level purposely for an experimental gene-therapy with no long-term proofs.

Masking the children breaks my heart. Watching a child alone, walking with air pods on, mask on outside really shook me to the core. The dire state of a culture drifting into mass psychosis. Parents, please let the children breath and be children.

I’m proud of a low vaccination rate, Flathead County, congratulations to all the independent thinkers! Now we must prepare ourselves for more medical authoritarianism through a creeping and accelerating form of medical martial law. Funny the “trust the science” crowd seems to be approving of segregation based off a vaccine status. The only way out of this is peaceful noncompliance.

The ruling world elite are pointing us toward a one-world, one-bank communist world government. Go view what the World Economic Forum promotes; “you will own nothing (rent everything) and love it!” Agenda 2030 is a particularly blunt marketing campaign for global poverty. We should blame central banks (central banks were a Karl Marx idea) for the next great depression but I fear it will be a virus instead. Revolutions in history were often about who controlled the bank. Communism in history is accompanied by famine. Inflation is the highest it’s ever been and is about to increase faster, penalizing the average person. This virus is already killing the third-world, through economic famine. Capitalism was the only system that raised all boats.

If we ever want to fix this, this 2020 virus tyranny, it is a power grab, it has nothing to do with science, we must stop complying peacefully with the entire pseudo-scientific takeover plan. Believe me this, we are watching the devil divide us as a people using ego.     

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