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News Segments from Australia are Heralding Our Dystopian Future

Australia has once again become a penal colony, but instead of there being ninteen crimes that could get you sent there, there is one crime that nets its citizens a hefty fine or even jail time: going outside. We want to show you some of the news segments and stories coming out of Australia – ostensibly a first world country – that should give you cause for concern when it comes to our own government’s rhetoric in their response to COVID-19.

Paranoia, Fear, and Tattletales

Here we see a completely normal Australian news segment where journalists are helping to track and hunt down citizens who defy lockdown orders, including following police to shut down a church service, issuing fines to the entire congregation. The news agency, which appears to be operating as an agency of the State, is complicit in punishing citizens as well as villainizing and embarrassing them publicly.

In this segment we see the news agency reporting on the movements of citizens who are traveling “too far” from their homes. You see a helicopter hunting down teenagers on the beach, who end up in handcuffs, and a report on a rugby player who was arrested and is facing jail time when he was pulled over for driving too far from his home. This type of state-sponsored tattle telling is becoming all the norm.


Although the news in NSW may be dystopian enough, it’s the stuff they don’t show you that is downright scary. The next video might be hard to watch for some readers as it shows 12-year-old children being pepper-sprayed, manhandled, and thrown to the ground for resisting arrest after being detained by police for not wearing masks in public.

This next story is sure to pull some heartstrings. A rural council’s interpretation of COVID lockdown measures has them killing impounded dogs that were due to be transferred to a local animal shelter. It’s as if they have completely submitted to the regime status quo and its demands, forgoing any pretense of service to their community.

Contempt and Tyranny

The lockdowns have fermented attitudes towards one’s fellow countrymen that they must be spied upon and reported on to local authorities. As this has manifested itself into public policy, we are now seeing extremely concerning human rights abuses in places like Australia. The Gestapo-like tactics of journalists, state officials, and police officers are only allowed to take place in Australia and New Zealand for one reason: They don’t have guns.

Here in the US, with 100’s of millions of guns, the rollout of vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and COVID lockdown policies has been more incremental, and is often passed on to the occupational regime’s Lesser Magistrates to carry out: Colleges, health departments, and businesses are the ones tasked with enforcing such measures, many of which have been shown to be nothing more than regime loyalists and agents of the ruling class.

Freedom is Taken, Never Given

As Australia reaches its completely arbitrary number of 6 million vaccinated citizens, they announced yesterday some new freedoms for the population. That’s right, Australians are now allowed 1 hour of time outdoors every day. If they’re fully vaccinated. As vaccination efficacy dwindles and questions arise about how useful these vaccines were to begin with, as well as the vaccine’s role in the rise of the so-called delta-variant, the rhetoric surrounding vaccine mandates is becoming increasingly vile and deplorable. The fact that the President of the United States is calling upon business owners to fire employees who refuse vaccination is disturbing to say the least, but it also shows you the innerworkings of the corporate-fascist structure, and how it uses these “Lesser Magistrates” to impose its will on the population.

John Locke once wrote, “What worries you masters you.” But it’s hard not to worry these days. A lot of the conversations we have with friends and family revolve around COVID and our fears concerning what will happen next in terms of our government’s theatrical approach to public policy. It’s important not to worry, but it’s also important to prepare. When we talk about policy and fighting back against increased restrictions and decreased freedoms, we need to look at places that are already imposing some of these measures, such as the modern-day dystopia that public officials have created in Australia.

Like protests that shuts down streets and transportation to stop the city from functioning, in hopes that people with nothing else to do will join their cause, COVID lockdowns have fermented the type of citizen who dreams these new tyrannical measures can be used against his political opposition. With our nation’s current political divide, we’re finding people on the left who would wish the full power of the state authority to be used against his political opponent under the guise of moral supremacy. The coronavirus gives these people just the mechanism they’re looking for to wage political warfare against their fellow countrymen.

In America we are, at least, still enjoying some freedoms. But with the “FDA approval” of the vaccine and looming mandates we are being primed to lose those freedoms very soon. The trial for this sort of imposition on our rights as free men are taking place in our allied territories. We’ve referenced Australia ad-nauseum. France has been mandating vaccines, using the police to approach citizens in public and demand their papers and riots are breaking out. Vaccine centers have been burned down. Canada as well has just announced a vaccine mandate with their leader saying that there “will be consequences” for people who refuse the vaccine.

Montana Stands Alone

In Montana we are very fortunate to have a legislature and a governor that at least appear to care about our rights. We recently passed HB703 which disallows any employer from mandating employees be vaccinated. This is a huge win for us, but it isn’t the end of the battle. Laws are made and laws are overturned. It’s important in the coming legislative session to let our representatives know that we won’t stand for any vaccine mandates, in any sector, for any reason, and protections are needed to prohibit the federal government from withholding funding of any business that takes subsidies, such as nursing homes, to mandate vaccines.

The fight that’s taking place is one of demoralization. It’s become a war of spiritual attrition as the ruling class hopes we grow tired of the changing narratives, the cat and mouse games with regards to vaccine and mask mandates, and the economic fallout. As long as we can keep our spirits up and continue to fight for what we know is right and just, they can never win.

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