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The Purge

The Leviathan stirs, fortified by its repulsion of those who would serve to weaken its bureaucratic efficiency. The purge begins. Any potential dissidents to the State will be relegated to second class citizenship and labeled as detriments under the covid-cult’s latest mantra: “The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.”

A truer label might be “The Pandemic of the Obese.” Or maybe “The Pandemic of the Managerially Incompetent.” Remember the old mantra? “Flatten the Curve.” Ah, at least there was some sense of rational thought, some semblance of respect for the thinking man. We played along for two weeks to see what would happen. Seventy-two weeks later and a constantly shifting narrative should have been a testament to the failures of our technocracy, but the propaganda arm worked its magic. Popular consent for our worst fears, manufactured. History will be rewritten: all of this was our fault.

Incredulously, no health or government official has so much as broached the subject of promoting a fitter, healthier populace as we’re given morbidly humorous headline after morbidly humorous headline, parading the latest perfectly healthy COVID casualty on your nightly television programming. Truly, the elephant in the room.

But I digress.

Thomas Hobbes coined this term, The Leviathan, to evoke a godly image of the bureaucratic State, and wrote of its necessity in the promotion of peace and prevention of civil war. His political philosophy centered on the need for man to fear the State. Of course, fear is necessary. Nations are founded on the principle of shared fears. Our founders feared the loss of Freedom and the apparent destiny of Governments to descend into Tyranny. As Thomas Jefferson famously wrote, “The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

Now we face an impasse in our nation. A growing majority no longer fear the loss of Freedom. They welcome its evisceration as they praise the benevolence of the tyrannical and totalitarian State. They fear what they are told to fear by the Leviathan’s many agencies, its many heads. I imagine what they truly fear is to be thought of as the other by such institutions, to be labeled as the lunatic fringe, like so many of us have been relegated – to lose their “good boy” points with the major social media networks that control discourse. The rest of us have not forgot our founder’s principles, our founder’s fears.

A republic fails when representative government fails us. From election meddling to forced vaccinations, lockdowns, bioleninist rhetoric infecting the body politic and now the medical field, and a continuous and fluid transfer of wealth from the middle to the upper class, we are undergoing the largest blow to individual sovereignty and to a vital Republic we have yet seen.

In the age of specialization, no one can see the forest for the trees. This seems to ring true especially when it comes to public health policy. Unelected heads of various institutions are given charge to make public health decisions. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, for instance, an organization which also supports abortion and promotes transgenderism, is cited by the CDC when giving guidance for pregnant women to take the COVID vaccine. The American Association of Pediatrics has been given the power to force children as young as 2 to wear masks in schools. They also vehemently support administering puberty blockers for gender-confused children.

Since the 1960’s we have bred a massive managerial class of professionals and experts through our academic institutions. More than ever colleges are pumping out graduates who are eager to make their mark in their field, but the limited scope of their education means that often their only introduction to political thought is through Marxist professors and classmates. When they graduate and begin working, they are quickly introduced to the party apparat representative that doles out disciplinary actions with a fundamentally Marxist sense of justice – the Human Resources department.

This is one of the most direct ways that the State exerts control over its managerial class. It’s all in the name: Labeling employees as resources represents a commodification of life itself. While this fundamentally sounds like communist rhetoric, Elton Mayo, the father of the HR department, was a psychologist who developed the theory of high norms and high cohesiveness as a way of mitigating increasingly high turnover rates in the post-industrial age. People seemed not to not be too interested in the assembly-line life. His ideas worked and are generally regarded as good, albeit primitive and not capable of encompassing the totality of the human experience, but this is for another time.

The problem isn’t the idea of human resources, it’s the need for it to begin with. In the post-industrial age the need was derived from very poor working conditions, a lack of breaks, and a noticeable dereliction in employee’s mental states. Over time, Mayo’s principles of high norms and high cohesiveness have not evolved and are often now applied through a lens of intersectionality and, in a low-trust multicultural society, the application of such measures to increase cohesiveness and norms in the workplace has devolved into applied Marxism. Social justice thought policing is employed as the “norm” and applied to create a hollow sense of “cohesiveness” in the workplace.

The forced adherence of the American workplace to these ideas of social justice and fundamentally Marxist theory plays into the Leviathan’s needs for decentralization. No organ can be too vital. No one can know too much or have too much power. Workers at private businesses all working under the auspices of the State Leviathan without even really knowing it, and many of them propagandized to believe they’re doing something that is fundamentally good due to the limited scope of their education.

This is also why you have these weird dissolutions of power happening, such as the CDC issuing eviction moratoriums or OSHA enforcing vaccine compliance. It’s why up until recently public health guidelines were left up to the states, and states left it up to county health departments, and health departments left it up to school boards, who continue to defer to inconsistent, contradictory, and outdated CDC guidelines as they impose the State’s will. The authoritarianism present here is doled out by officious individuals at the local level who are status hungry and eager to show their obsequiousness to the bureaucracy. They can’t wait to put on their resume that they helped manage a deadly virus from consuming a local school district – the HR department will love this at their next job interview.

The insidious nature of knighting such lesser magistrates to carry out the will of the totalitarian State erects a firewall of scapegoats, but it also gives the whole ordeal a feeling of banal normalcy. This is the power of bureaucracy. It’s why bureaucrat-in-chief Joe Biden lulls you to sleep as he drones on about the regime’s plots to topple the Constitutional Republic. Say what you will about Donald Trump, but what he represented was a return to vitalism in the state politic, and such rhetoric is the only hope we have against this sleepy bureaucratic Leviathan that is now threatening our sovereignty.

It’s important, however, to realize that the technocrats that are managing this New World Order transition are fairly inept and are themselves subject to their own contemptuous nature and misappropriation of justice. The cannibalistic and soulless world they’ve created for themselves is likely to be their downfall as they eat their own. We’ve seen this time and time again with the cancel culture, the #metoo movement, and recently with politicians pictured mask-less at events and galas while they force their servants (and the rest of us) to obligingly abide by their mask mandates. Calling them out on such follies and laughing at their bumbling ineptitude as they fail to manage crisis after crisis is a powerful political tool, while stodgy refutation of every lie and general missive from the State apparat just locks you into the systemic bureaucracy and its need for manufactured opposition.

In this sense, delving into conspiratorial thinking about who’s really pulling the strings is playing into the regime’s hand. They want you to fear this unearthly beast they’ve erected, like some Lovecraftian horror that can’t be perceived by such lowly creatures as us. But the truth is this sleepy bureaucracy is just that, a striver class of mostly incompetent ladder-climbers all vying for power, grabbing at it wherever their slippery hands can reach. The fact of the matter is the not-so-Benevolent technocracy that’s leading our Republic into its darkest hour isn’t much of a Leviathan at all and the pandemic represents an “Emperor wears no clothes” moment, where the veil has been lifted and we see the mechanical inner workings of the lifeless beast.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t people trying to pull the strings. Obviously, there are major players moving financial markets, manufacturing consent through media and even large-scale bot farms and teams of paid posters on the internet posting the same tired script-like responses in every sphere of social media, and of course there are those lobbying and bribing their way into the legislative branch of our government, and those donors whispering into the ears of our elected officials. So yes, there are “conspiracies” in the sense that there is a well-organized, well-funded apparatus that we are at war with, but whether this war is with a shadow government is neither here nor there, because effectively we are in the midst of a Spiritual war, and warfare should be practiced under such auspice.

On the right there sometimes exists those so conspiratorially minded that they practically deify what has, in reality, become a procedural approach to taking advantage of the public’s dissolution and confusion following major happenings. These shock doctrine-esque tactics are beginning to fail as people are becoming disillusioned by the failed promises of the technocratic order and its inability to provide for the vastness and deeply rooted spiritual necessity of the human experience. The covid-cult regime may have overplayed their hand this time as their prideful nature surely comes before their inevitable fall.

We can expect more mandates from the failing state, more propaganda from the failing media, more drivel from the institutional arms about masks and vaccine shots. But in the age of information, this regime propaganda falls flat on its face. We can simply look to the data coming out of Israel and know where we’ll be in 3 months: If you only have 2 shots of the vaccine, you’re basically unvaccinated. Next it will be 3. Rinse and repeat, ad infinitum. Or at least until this pandemic has outlived its usefulness. And it certainly hasn’t – the regime chips away at our freedoms, wondering how far they can push the boundaries before revolution rears its ugly head like a game of cat and mouse where the cat scared of its own shadow.

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