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The Flathead Conservative was founded in 2021 to give a voice to the silent Conservative majority in the Flathead Valley. We have noticed more and more over the years that Conservative voices are getting drowned out in the local news media by either fervent Libertarians or by the ever-present, overwhelmingly liberal perspectives of some of the largest local newspapers. We hope to provide an alternative for discerning readers who appreciate a perspective that doesn’t seek to merely toe party lines or adhere to fanciful ideologies.

We call ourselves the Flathead Conservative because that’s what we are. We believe in the Constitution. We believe the family is the building block of American society. But our aim is to critique the right side of the aisle in its infinite failings just as much as it is to critique the left – just as much as it is to promote the Conservative values that we hold dear and diligently strive to live by.

In our eyes, Montanans are a different breed. We think, in a general sense, that party politics are unhealthy for the Soul of our great state. Over the past few years we’ve witnessed our local population become increasingly divided by party, by Trump, and most recently by the response to the Covid Pandemic.

There’s a diverse array of voices in Montana and we think that everyone deserves to be heard and for ideas to be discussed out in the open. We want to work with local writers and thinkers in our community who aren’t afraid to speak out about what they believe in. Anything we publish here is not necessarily an endorsement by our editorial staff, but an endorsement of the First Amendment, the idea that we all have the right to be heard, and that good ideas and solutions to systemic decay only come from open and honest dialogue.

Production Services

We pride ourselves on high quality reporting and high quality production. If you need a presentation, talk, interview, or commercial endeavor recorded with the latest and greatest in audio and video production equipment we provide a number of services. Please get in contact with Justin at